Dyslexia Testing Specialist in NJ
Dyslexia Testing Specialists in NJ

Amy Gibbs
Dyslexia Testing Specialist
(732) 882.9695

Our Syllable Divider
helps with reading and dyslexia

Reading ruler and syllable divider for dyslexia

This reading ruler is more discrete than ever! The size of a credit card and perfect to use as a bookmark. It helps students and adults read longer as the colored overlay takes the glare off the paper.  It has a built in syllable divider colored lenses for breaking words into syllables. And the arrows help keep your place when reading.

12 for $6.00

Credit Card Flash Drive: $25

dyslexia flash drive

Charging Station-4 USB hubs: $42



Speaker-Blue Tooth $45



iphone case: $15

ipone case for awareness